New Update!!!

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- New V.I.P System 


    - New buffs


    - New commands use .vip to check them


    - Sponsor mall changed to sponsor instance


    - 6 diferent types of V.I.P items (Rings / Trinkets / Nneckalce and Bags)



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Latest Update!

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- All new characters will start with starter gear equiped.


- All new character will need only weapons which will be delivered from the starter npc


- New starter npc replacing the leveling npc and gives your class weapons.


- New Mall Guide npc added.


- Imperia-WoW In game chat bot added for communication…

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Adjustments Done

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- All battlegrounds are functional now just press "H" to join.


- Cross Faction Battlegrounds are active now.


- Adjustments done on Shaman / Paladin / Priest / Warlock / Druid / Mage / Hunter and Warrior.


- All healings were adjusted to suit the hp amount.

Visit "How to connect" to…

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