New Realm is now open

Here comes the new realm of our project!


What is new you may ask?


The answer is :


- New mall.

- New Gameplay without instances.

- Leveling from level 60 to level 90.

- Haste Rate 0.01

- Max hp 900m. 

- Max level 90.

- No Custom items!

They are all the exact same classic items you remembered from the classic WOTLK game.

- You still get your custom buffs and tmogs.

- The custom mounts will are still there.

- Many vendors were combined into a single vendor.

- Arena season 7 are the new vote items.

- Arena season 8 are the new donor items.

- All Patches used for the old realm will be used in this as well.

Which means you don't have to get new patches.

- Same realmlist just a subrealm.

- New UI implemented in the patches.

- Command .learn all talents is removed from both realms due to having the button in at thetop in talent tab for that function.

- Souls system will remain but the paragons were removed for this realm.

- The ingame store was removed for this realm.

- Magic gold will be shared between the 2 realms.

- Sponsor rank is turned into V.I.P Rank in this realm.

Meaning if you have vip in this realm you have Sponsor rank in the other realm.

- Arena 1v1 is still there.

- Npc bots were added for this realm. 

You have a limit of 3 bots only.

- Leveling and gearing is trough the old Boss areas with some new mob guards.

- The boss loots were changed now they give you boxes with materials and they don't stack.

- .buff command is still in place so you still got your buffs.

- Commands .combatstop / .mail / .maxskill are still in use

- World chat will be the same as usual.

- Fishing area is added so you can enjoy fishing your materials if you like.

Keep in mind no bots are allowed you can get banned for using one !!!

- Professions are now free to craft.

No need of farming crystals.

- Materials bank which can keep your profession materials save and out of your inventory.

- The teleport stone has the mall guide inside of it.

So if you can't find something use your teleport stone.