Starter GuIde

Starter Guide for new starters

At creation of your character you will be spawned at our Mall where you have to level up  to level 100.

Max Level in Ipmeria is LvL 100.

Get your starter gear from our starter vendor.


Then to train your talents since the talent page is not available use our custom command 
.learn all talent


To train your spells and skills on the left hand side you will find our one click trainer


Once you reach the max level which is level 100
that is the momen you get to our gearing process 
Use your teleport stone from you inventory
click main zones then upgrade area.


Once teleported to the upgrade area you will see multiple vendors each sells tiers 1 to 33


On the right hand side you will find our key keeper for that area he can be found in the mall and infront every instance.


To reset your instances use our custom command 

To buff use our buff command



To open our soul level system which max stat is 255 on each row you cant go over that.

use .soul

To open our custom menu which will allow you to get your mail open your bank and auction house everywhere you area no matter if there is a maibox and allows you to morph for gold by id and by name.


We also have a racial switch system implemented 

use .rc 



For fast teleport to our custom mall we have 2 commands

.st             and                  .mall

To use our world chat simply type 

.chat and type your message