Transmog and item request

We have a diferent system for transmogs here in Imperia

First you will have to grind our world bosses to get a request token there are 2 type of tokens :


1st is a normal request token


2nd is a legendary request token


once you optain one of these tokens you can then request your item

to find out what is the item id there is an addon implemented in patch-4 that will allow you to see the items id's by hovering your mouse over the items


After finding the id you will have to go to our "Item Requester" npc

it can be found where all of the transmog vendors and transmog npc is behind the small bridge on the right side of the mall.


here is how the menu of the item requester looks

Click on "Tell me, What is it that you desire?" this will show a small window in the middle of your screen


Enter the id in the box and click the "Accept Button" with your mouse DON'T hit Enter


and the item will be in your inventory just like that 


Then you will have to open our "Transmog" npc which is located next to the "Item Requester" npc

When you open it you will ne shown a menu with categories

Select the category and transmog your item!