Transmute System

Unlike many other servers our gold farm system is a bit diferent here is how to use it.


First once you reach 200 000 gold in your bag aka inventory the system will automaticaly transmute it to a gold bar

you will see a message in the chat window informing you that you have reacher the gold limit and your gold is now a gold bar


That is the moment to use the command to open the transmute menu 

to do that simply type 




Using the command .transmute will open a window that will look like this 



From this menu you gan rather select to 

turn gold bars into gold coins

turn gold coins to actual gold

or turn gold coins to gold bars


if you click on gold bars into gold coins you will see a menu like this one


the gold bars will look like this in your inventory 

the first thing you will notice is there is a tab that says [STORE] Gold Bars [x1]

that option is to store the physical gold bars into the system once you puled them out

by clicking on this option you will send the gold bars from your inventory to the transmute system to use.


If you select the second option Gold Bars [x1] - into Gold Coins x2

you will receive 2 physical gold coins they will be visible in your inventory

then we come across the second thing in the transmute menu.

Which is to imput these Gold Coins into the system to use

to do that use again.transmute and click on the [Gold Coins] - Into Gold bars

the menu will look like this 


You will notice there is a buttom similar to the gold bars one 

but this one is [STORE] Gold Coins [x1]

and your gold coins will look like this

using this will turn your physical gold coin into a points in the transmute system

once that is done you will be able to select the second button in this menu and transfer it to a gold bar 

or you can go back and select to turn your gold coins to actual gold


By clicking the button that says [Gold Coins] - Back Into money

that will get you 100 000 gold per each gold coin in the transmute system.


At the bottom of the transmute menu you will see there is a ranking of the richest players in the server where you will be able to see how rich you are just for fun :D 

it will look like that