Latest Update!

level 100 realm 


- Patch-4 Updated


- Command .honor was removed


- Daily quest for arena points was removed.


- New Item Upgrade Core Was added to the game 


- Reworked gearing System trough the Item Upgrade Core


- Reworked Instances


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New V.I.P Extra system added!

Hello Imperia 


New system for bonus V.I.P System added to the level 100 realm


In this system you can buy the ranks by farming donor tokens of our Doctor Who area 

To see how that system works open Guides then scroll down and click…

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New Paragon System !

Hello everyone!
New update on Patch-4 

A new Paragon System was added to the level 100 realm.

In this system you will notice there are more then just the basic 4 stats.

There are 16 stats in total that you can upgrade up to level 4080


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