Server Info

Server features:

- Leveling 1-100
- High Haste Rating (Melee & Spell)
- Horde & Alliance Domination
- Balanced Classes
- Custom Instances
- Custom Tiers
- PvP Vendor
- Gurubashi Arena Catacombs
- 1v1 Custom Duel System
- Custom Visuals & Wings
- Working Battlegrounds & Arenas
- Custom Gems & Enchants
- Working Professions
- Custom Quests & World Bosses

- VIP , EVENT & VOTE Items
- Custom Weapons & Weapon Upgrades
- Special Morphs
- Transmog system
- Item Request NPC
- Soul bonus stat system using command .soul

- 3 Hybrid classes check the hybrid class tab for more info

- Access to .learn all talents to train your talents all at once

- Instant trainer train your self with a click of a button

- Mass guild invite command #massg

- Custom rock paper scissors game with gold

- Unlimited ammo for hunters you will never run aout of ammo

- Custom world chat use .chat 

- Boosted spells & talents
- Custom Character Creation

- Special PvP reward per kill system

- Special PvP Chests on kill

- Dota 2 Sounds in battlegrounds

-  Special Custom .menu command
- Custom mounts you haven't seen.

- Doctor Who / Dragonball/Starwars and more models are available.

- Diablo Paragon levels.

- Ingame shop like MOP.

- Collections from legion.

- Special V.I.P Instance and mall. Via V.I.P Stone.

- Speacial Sponsor Mall and isntance. Via .Sponsor command.

Check the V.I.P and Sponsor benefits 

- Custom Racial feature use .ts

- Custom players menu using .menu

- Custom party menu summon your party to you use .menuparty to access it.

- Custom mall teleport command .st/.mall

- Custom instance reset command .resetid

- Custom .buff command for all players

- Boss announcer

- Log in and log out announcer

- Professions instant trainer you can have up to 10 professions learned at the same time

- Sanctuary Script running in the mall preventing pvp only duels are allowed

- Custom item teleporter no more pets for teleporters

- Jukebox pet and npc with actual songs.

Another Features:

- Weekly updates- Upcoming Custom Buffs
- Giveaways giving you the chance to win some donor stuff

- Duble points during holidays

Here, at Imperia-WoW , you can find everything you need.
We are working and updating the server constantly.

We are waiting you right now. Let's play together !